Tinkering since the last millennium

Kris is an IT polymath (generalist) comfortable working across architecture, infrastructure, and application development teams. He's a polyglot (multi language) programmer who is truly passionate about building up applications ... and now infrastructures too.

Kris did what!

Big Reports

On demand real time data aggregation, combining feeds from disparate systems, in order to generate massive reports used during client validations. Currently considering better ways to use retrieved data to offer more value.


When a game changer arrives the only decision a person (or company) makes is when to play the game. This powerful eventing paradigm allows for developer to write very succinct functions that scale up to demand or down to zero and only have to worry about ... well the code. Not for everything but a great tool

Open Sesame

Have you ever opened a hotel door with your phone? Developing a key integration component to make the magic happen was an awesome experience.

Favorite Materials


  • java, scala, kotlin
  • python
  • html, javascript
  • sql


  • jvm & spring boot
  • mac & unix
  • chrome vs firefox
  • mySql or Mongo

Musings and more ...


finished ones will be coming soon


not right now, but maybe again sometime in the future